Hi, I'm Rozalind Joy Neil.

I'm delighted you have found my website!

I am devoted to help you to explore and discover serenity to flourish to optimise fertility, embrace pregnancy, feel empowered during birth and blossom in motherhood.  

Welcome to my website

I have worked professionally with women since 2000 and nurtured women with holistic therapies since 2008.

I have been empowering women with education and professional development since 2010.

I have a passion to nurture and inspire women along their journeys to motherhood. I also have motivation to empower midwifery professionals with evidence based training about holistic therapies and have taught midwives from 3 hospitals in Scotland since 2013

I struggled with the anxiety and emotional pain of subfertility for 22 months and used holistic therapies, meditation and NLP to conceive naturally. I experienced a difficult pregnancy with sickness until 22 weeks, excruciating pelvic pain and back pain and I explored holistic and positive methods to cope. I experienced a holistic home birth in the birthing pool, and I blossomed in motherhood, using holistic approaches to well being & despite experiences of severe postnatal anaemia and overwhelming exhaustion, and I successfully breastfed for almost 22 months.

Every woman deserves to feel nurtured during pregnancy, to experience serenity in her body, mind and emotions and to flourish in motherhood. I am here to nurture & inspire you, educate and empower you to achieve your holistic birth wishes.  You can flourish and accomplish your wellbeing goals for pregnancy and motherhood with my unique integrative approaches.

Connect with me in the tranquil space of my garden therapy room in a beautiful coastal village in Fife, Scotland either in person or virtually.

I provide 1:1 services, but am also available for group teaching.
Join me for a FREE no obligation Consultation and, I will use my knowledge, experience and intuition to develop an individual and integrative holistic plan for you.

Start your journey today!

I created serenity to flourish pregnancy because I hold true to my heart that women benefit from being nurtured, supported and empowered during their journeys to motherhood.

I believe with a passion that women have intuitive wisdom. Women can attune to their instinctive inner being and become autonomous, confident and joyful on their momentous voyage to the expansive experience of motherhood.

I wish to support women on their journeys of self discovery and empowerment with compassion, affection and empathy. I am a midwife, mother and educator, with a deep desire to share my wisdom to nurture women to find their feminine flow on their transformative journeys to being a mother.  

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I am a member of the
Federation of Holistic Therapists
and the
Royal College of Midwives
and am fully insured to provide services and training.