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Aromatherapy massage

Aromatherapy is the ancient holistic treatment a treatment of the body, mind and spirit to improve physical and emotional health and well-being.

Aromatherapy essential oils are extracted from the petals, twigs, leaves, roots, seeds, bark and resins of different plants and flowers and are inhaled, massaged or absorbed into the body.

Aromatherapy can be relaxing, balancing or energising as the body, emotional and mind respond to chemical components in the essential oils. Therapeutic aromatherapy is a synergy of the science of essential oils and the art of intuitive selecting of oils to meet individual needs.


The hands, fingers, thumbs, fingers, arms and elbows are used to apply pressure onto areas on the body and massage the skin and underlying muscles.

The benefits of massage are to; warm the skin and muscles, stimulate blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, soothe aches and pains.

Therapeutic touch is a physical therapy but it can release emotional and mental stress by releasing tension in the body and the mind. Therapeutic Swedish massage is a synergy of the science of particular techniques such as effleurage & petrissage and the art of instinctive touch to soothe, comfort and heal.


Is the ancient and traditional method of applying pressure onto specific points on the feet to invoke a self-healing response and achieve a balance in body, mind and spirit.

The theory of reflexology is that the whole body, each organ and system can be mapped out on the feet. When certain reflex points are pressed, manipulated and stimulated on the feet (or hands) they send a reflex response to the corresponding organ, system or part of the body, which initiates a healing response.

Reflexology is a therapeutic synergy of the science of ancient medicine and instinctive art of pressure techniques to balance and relax.


An ancient holistic therapy to balance the body and optimise the flow of energy throughout the aura(the physical, emotional, mental & spiritual layers of our energy being)and the chakra’s (colourful centres that control the flow of energy).

It is the unique vibration of the individual atoms and vibration of the colours of the Crystals that can interact with the vibration of atoms and particles in the human body, emotional body and mind.

Crystal therapy is a synergy of the science of geology, physics of the colour spectrum and intuitive art of energy medicine.