• For pregnant women who are curious and motivated to discover holistic approaches to labour and birth empowerment, tailored to their unique needs.
  • For women who desire to be empowered by evidence-based information to use their knowledge and power to make autonomous, positive choices for birth.
  • Birthing Goddess coaching combines teaching and coaching techniques to explore essential and inspiring subjects for holistic birth empowerment.
  • I will empower you with coaching and teaching, and you will receive a complementary 28 page A-Z Birthing Goddess Empowered Birth manual.

Embracing the natural powers of labour and birth (physiology) and positive affirmations

Explore the physiology of labour and birth, and how use this intuitive and powerful knowledge to give you confidence and trust in your astonishing natural capabilities.

Develop and focus on your wishes for birth with the power of positive affirmations.

Holistic therapies

Holistic therapies support your physical well-being, to relieve physical pain and stress in the body.

Emotions such as anxiety and depression can be felt in the body too, and holistic therapies work by relieving emotional pain, and release the impact of emotional and mental stress.

Explore how to use holistic therapies for birth.

Learning styles, coping strategies, sensory embodiment and relaxation techniques

Positive psychology explores the patterns of the mind, beliefs and behaviours to create affirmative thoughts and actions that support our potential for happiness.

Fear, tension pain theory and the magic of oxytocin

Consider the impact of the fear, tension and pain cycle on natural birth and realise the magic of the wonderful hormone, oxytocin.

Learn how to increase this magical love hormone for an empowered birth.

Non- pharmacological (holistic) methods of pain management

Explore and discover holistic approaches to managing your response to pain, discomfort and fear to optimise your experiences and make empowered, autonomous choices for pain relief.

Support during labour, birthing positions and water birth

Learn about the dimensions of support for an empowered, holistic birth and the evidence for optimising your labour and birthing positions and for hydrotherapy.

Prepare for an active, empowered birth and develop your confidence for movement.

Birth environment, creating your sanctuary

Learn about the dimensions of support for an empowered, holistic birth and the evidence for optimising your labour and birthing positions and for hydrotherapy.

Explore your innovative nature, and create your sanctuary for birth by tuning into your instincts and intuition.

Serenity to Flourish.

Birthing Goddess Coaching

Pregnancy wellbeing 
For women who want to optimise their fertility & pregnancy by discovering meditation, visualisation and mindfulness & holistic therapies.  

For women to explore techniques for supporting their emotional and physical wellbeing during pregnancy, for birth empowerment and postnatal rejuvenation.
Empowered birth
 For pregnant women who want to make positive changes to their thoughts, beliefs, habits and fears to have an empowered birth.

Pregnant women who have specific goals and intentions for birth and motherhood, and who would like nurturing support & positive coaching.