• EMPOWERED MOTHERHOOD For pregnant or postnatal women who want to make positive changes to their thoughts, beliefs, habits and fears to feel more empowered for motherhood.
  • For women who have specific goals and intentions motherhood who would like nurturing support & positive coaching to feel empowered in their parenting choices – such as breastfeeding.
  • Empowered motherhood coaching uses the techniques of active and compassionate listening, hypnotherapy, NLP and positive psychology to explore ways of changing beliefs and behaviours.
  • I will encourage & support you with coaching and teaching to explore your aspirations to feel empowered, focussed and positive for your unique motherhood journey.


Hypnotherapy is a holistic method of connecting to the unconscious mind in a calm trance state to discover deep thoughts, beliefs and fears.

Hypnotherapy is an effective way to explore patterns of behaviours and to bring to the surface the beliefs and thoughts that we need to release, to free us from our restrictions and empower us to achieve pregnancy, birth and postnatal goal and wishes.

Neuro Linguistic Programming

NLP is an exploration of patterns in the mind and negative thoughts and emotions, and the impact of language in the neural pathways of the brain.

NLP is a method of integrating positive language and affirmations to generate the potential for positive changes and anchoring optimum experiences to set goals and intentions. NLP re-programmes the mind to activate personal opportunities, desires and intentions for pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Positive psychology

Positive psychology explores the patterns of the mind, beliefs and behaviours to create affirmative thoughts and actions that support our potential for happiness.

Positive psychology is the optimum use of language towards ourselves and the possibilities we have to generate happiness and empowerment. Language can be powerful during pregnancy, birth and our motherhood journeys and it is essential to use positive language to embrace motherhood with optimism and autonomy.

Serenity to Flourish.

Empowered Birth

Pregnancy wellbeing 
For women who want to optimise their fertility & pregnancy by discovering meditation, visualisation and mindfulness & holistic therapies.  

For women to explore techniques for supporting their emotional and physical wellbeing during pregnancy, for birth empowerment and postnatal rejuvenation.
Empowered birth
 For pregnant women who want to make positive changes to their thoughts, beliefs, habits and fears to have an empowered birth.

Pregnant women who have specific goals and intentions for birth and motherhood, and who would like nurturing support & positive coaching.